|[] AmigaShell                                                    |F]|!"|
|12.Workbench:> cd jae                                                | |
|12.Work:jae> telnet jaekr.me                                         | |
|12.Work:jae> telnet: jaekr.me: Name or service not known             | |
|12.Work:jae> echo failure > status.txt                               |_|

Total size of the library (refreshed every 15 minutes)

Wed 12 Feb 2020 07:45:01 PM UTC - 1.1T /var/jaesh

Getting the tree (works on Linux & MacOS | Refreshed every day)

curl -O https://jaekr.sh/tree.txt

Searching the tree

cat tree.txt | grep -i 'search term'

Access the library here!

Support the library

The server is roughly costing 115Eur a year (domain not included). If you like the service (and can), please consider donating to support the library.

Bitcoin: bc1qexq6llxd9ps8ggm32xf9ncl3rc92fsnd3ls87x

Monero: 431TUAeNohaRLPrDQJZzeJZmTrbUNCKc2MUKttRAqjaxb4PiCYiwEutW6mTu59vyqBb1X8bevAEuMTjFDoCaAx4gRDQbc23

Ethereum: 0x19368382AE943031230134185d2E9d048245fdCE

Statuses & Updates